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Fantasy Files: Now or Later?

In my youth, if we got a buck and went to the corner store, we could purchase about 50 tiny candies, some of which were called the Now and Later. Let’s admit it; candy from my youth wasn’t about flavor, it was the most efficient sugar delivery system. I’m going to write about the phenomenon […]

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Fantasy Files: On the Clock

I am on the clock in my Zealots 34 rookie draft, a tradition like no other. I’m stuck on who to pick, so I’ll use this post as an opportunity to expound and make my choice at the end. For people in upcoming rookie drafts, here are some links to other Zealots drafts. Most are […]

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Fantasy Files: Mocking Myself

When young Jim Day asked me to join a Draftmaster draft, I had to say yes. OK, I asked him. I got in Draftmaster 12 and my reward was the 11 pick. What does a man do with that pick who has done not a second of prep? Let’s see. 1.11: LeSean McCoy — I […]

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Fantasy Files: Hold Your RBs Like a Prom Date

The fake girlfriend story continues to ruin my Twitter timeline, although I’ll be begging for more repeat Te’o jokes when everyone starts talking about their baseball teams in a few months. I do have a quick, semi-cool story about Epogen, which is one of the drugs that Lance Armstrong used to help him win all […]

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