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Week 1 Worries: Dude, Where’s My Team?

We are #teamdejenerate, the people who get excited when MFL10s open up minutes after the end of the Super Bowl. The benefit of early drafting is you can get ahead of the curve. The downside is that ACLs tear and there’s no assumption of ideal roster management by NFL franchises. A roster that looks magnifique […]

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Fantasy Files: MFL10 Summer Two-Step

I blame the Queen of MFL10s, Jen Ryan, for this. There was an MFL10 credit burning a hole somewhere on my computer so I had to get into a league before the summer was over. Here’s a brief primer even though I’ve talked about MFL10s multiple times before. This is a draft-only league, which means […]

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Fantasy Files: Game in the Skin

You have to be a little crazy this time of year. We are all anticipating the football season like people who enjoy football a little too much. There’s nothing like those 16 Sundays (Week 17 kind of sucks, as does Thursday night, and Monday always feels like a tacked-on thing. Will 2015 be different? I […]

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Get into fantasy football shape

Fantasy files: Get into Fantasy Football Shape

It’s June and since the Super Bowl, you haven’t looked at a piece of football news other than staring lovingly into Mel Kiper’s hair for five minutes in late April. How do you get back onto “fantasy football” shape? Luckily, there are lots of delinquents like yours truly to get you in mid-season form quicker […]

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