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Fantasy Files: Rookie Draft 2016

Let’s set the stage for my 2016 Rookiepalooza, powered by #rookiederangement. I finished in dead center in the Zealots 34 league last year, my tenth consecutive non-championship season. The Zealots 34 Tennessee Titans have won as many titles as the real Tennessee Titans. Thanks to that, I “earned” the following picks: 1.06 2.06 3.06 4.06 […]

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2015 Rookie Results

Fantasy Files: 2015 Rookie Dynasty Draft Roundup

I realized that I did my Levels of Dynasty Fantasy Football without having a proper rookie roundup, without which I may lose my nonexistant FSWA card. I’ll post my picks because I’m narcissistic, then we can talk “interesting” picks and list all the trades because that’s fun. 1.04: Kevin White — I’ll be honest here. […]

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Fantasy Files: When to Go IDP

I have one thing about my current rookie draft, and that’s good instincts. I tried to trade up to pick 4.05 to pick up Alec Ogletree. The trade didn’t work but Ogletree went at that spot. I had a potential deal to trade my 5.11 and 6.11 for Josh Norris’s 5.05 and thought Jonathan Cyprien […]

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Fantasy Files: Rookie Draft Plans Foiled

A brief encounter on Twitter with Sigmund Bloom last night reminded me of a fantasy axiom that I had forgotten. Every player has value. I made a cheap joke at the expense of Titus Young, making him the fantasy football version of Enron stock. Bloom retorted that a savvy, or just lucky, owner could have […]

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Fantasy Files: On the Clock

I am on the clock in my Zealots 34 rookie draft, a tradition like no other. I’m stuck on who to pick, so I’ll use this post as an opportunity to expound and make my choice at the end. For people in upcoming rookie drafts, here are some links to other Zealots drafts. Most are […]

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