Zach Media Appearances

I’ve noticed that over time I’m getting more media attention, so I’m putting all of my interviews and/or podcast appearances on one page. Here’s how other people see me.

Eric Dickens of DLF interviews me: May 21, 2012

Fantasy Douche interviews me with Eric Yeomans’ help.

Rumford Johnny of 2 Mugs talk to me

David Dodds interviews me for the Twitter Interview Series: July 24, 2012

Twitter Roundtable with Fantasy Taz, Allie Fontana, and Jake Ciely: August 22, 2012

C.D. Carter interviewed me about my book for The Fake Football: August 30, 2012

My appearance on The Fantasy Playbook with Nick Raducanu of FantasyTrade411: September 11, 2012

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