Behind the box score

Heckuva start for the Braves. John Smoltz, who was quickly becoming everyone’s comeback darling, gave up seven runs (six earned) in 1 2/3 innings pitched. Smoltz gave up a grand slam in the first inning to Juan Encarnacion. Recently acquired Jorge Sosa pitched the most innings, going 2 1/3 innings and not giving up any runs. Josh Beckett looked strong for the Marlins.
The Red Sox found a way to get to Mariano Rivera again yesterday. Jason Varitek hit a ninth-inning homer off Rivera to tie the game. The Yankees were not to be denied their opening-series vengeance, though, as Derek Jeter hit a homer off Keith Foulke in the bottom of the ninth for the 4-3 win.

Jorge Cantu bats fifth for the Devil Rays. I can’t imagine this team getting out of the AL East basement this season.

Worst line of the day? Seth McClung of the Devil Rays, with five runs given up in a third of an inning. That’s an ERA of 135.

I already dropped Miguel Batista in one league and he has two saves in two games.
Barry Bonds was the Giants’ number three hitter last year. Right now it’s J.T. Snow. The OBP difference is only about a billion.

Maybe I should have just said “The Giants are 1-0 with J.T. Snow as their number three hitter.”

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