Fantasy files: Intervention time

America, I need an intervention. I’ve made some fantasy football transgressions recently and I need to atone. I’ll take these one at a time.

I can’t stop making waiver moves in my dynasty league. I checked today and I have picked up 11 guys while releasing 11 guys (many the same guys) since our rookie draft in May. In the offseason we’re allowed to have 60 players on the roster. We cut to 53 for the regular season. I thought it made sense to use those seven spots for speculative undrafted rookies. There’s a good chance that most of these guys aren’t going to make a roster, let alone a practice squad. It’s a deep class, at least according to my blog buddy Matt Waldman.

Since the lockout, I’ve bid on the following players: Mario Fannin, John Clay, Chad Spann, Jeremiah Johnson, Darren Evans, Damien Berry, Adrian Arrington, Maurice Morris, Lonyae Miller, Terrence Toliver, and Jaymar Johnson. What’s the deal with guys who have inexplicably spelled last names like Toliver and Mathews? I already dropped flavors of the week Mario Fannin and Damien Berry. To pick up these so-called lottery tickets, I’ve dropped roster chum that were likely cuts like David Buehler, Rennie Curran, and Mike Kafka. I could be prescient with all these guys and have to make cuts of players who might contribute.

My second transgression is something I’ve never done but is a sad fantasy cliché. I joined a work fantasy league. Not only that, I took on the role of Commish. Yeah, one of my co-workers lingered at my cube too long and my boss showed up. It was all fun and games until he volunteered me to run a fantasy league. Is this a Philadelphia Eagles situation? I’ve been in dozens of leagues and thanks mostly to association, I can be considered a fantasy insider. In short, I should dominate this league. If I don’t win, it’s a disaster. I had to look up a few how-to-play-fantasy articles because I’d say a third of this league has never played the beautiful game. I look forward to explaining that a flex position is not something their wives do in a Pilates class.

The upside? There will be beer. There better be.

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  1. P. Smith August 11, 2011 at 6:48 am #

    Don't feel bad. Mario Fannin is gone for the season with an injury. Plus, I've been the league commish at work for a while now. It might be time to shut it down though… and that's the commissioner's power!

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