Week One: Titans Stumble

Week one of football is the ultimate blank canvas. You think you know what might happen in the upcoming season, but it’s really a matter of waiting. If your team looks great, you know not to over-celebrate. If your team looks terrible, it’s not time to panic. The Patriots lost 31-0 to the Bills on opening day less than a decade ago and won the Super Bowl.

I watched the 1 p.m. (eastern) games from a sports bar in Panama City Beach. Spending the first NFL weekend at the beach was great. I felt like I was missing out, as it was our last day at the beach. I had to watch the Titans/Jags game, even if I knew that it was going to be a B league game at best. Since I was in north Florida I thought the game would rate the gigantic TV, but it was saved for Texans/Colts. Let’s just say that the Colts fan who showed up early to reserve the TV did not stay past halftime.

There’s more to watch than the game at a sports bar. I got a table around 11:30 for the noon Central time start. When I took my first bathroom break around 12:30, the place was standing room only. The wait staff wore jerseys but they must have been purchased on ebay. I saw a Browns Brady Quinn, a Chiefs Larry Johnson, a Peyton Manning, and many other stars. At the end of the day I mentioned to the Raven fan wearing a Ray Rice jersey that I thought they didn’t let people wear jerseys of active players inside the bar.

After reading about half of Pat Kirwin’s book I thought I’d chart the Titans game. It was like charting my two cats having a fight. It’s usually a matter of one cat sneaking up on the other, or the two of them circling slowly until they call a nap time-out. The Titans tried to go three and out in the first half. Chris Johnson didn’t look fresh. The offensive line was not run blocking worth a crap. Hasselbeck wasn’t in sync with his receivers. The game turned around in the second half with the fluke touchdown to Britt and the late TD when the Jags were playing prevent. I must emphasize this. The Jaguars decided to release David Garrard this week, starting Luke McCown fresh off an ACL tear. And they were confident that they could beat the Titans regardless. Hasselbeck was one dumb downfield throw from getting the team into game-winning field goal range, but man were they beaten physically. Speaking of that, I am physically ill contemplating driving to Nashville to see Titans/Ravens next week.

The last time the Titans beat the Ravens in Nashville was in 2005. The date was September 18. It was the Titans’ home opener after they were crushed by the Steelers on opening weekend. The Titans finished 4-12 that year, including two wins against the Texans, which we know don’t really count.

In conclusion, my fantasy teams went 3-0 this week. Success makes me nervous, so I didn’t enjoy the victories that much.

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