Titans Post Mortem: Slipping by the Bucs

Pre watching the “tape”, I have some thoughts on yesterday’s win.

Tommie Campbell: Heckuva draft pick. Getting speed guys on special teams who can actually play special teams is a big bonus.

Chris Johnson: He’s back! Wait, I’ve said that at least twice this year. If me benching him for Kevin Smith in one fantasy league is what it takes to end a season-long malaise, so be it.

Damian Williams: Nice catch.

Colin McCarthy: Say hello to the Titans’ middle linebacker of the present and future.

Josh Freeman: Thanks for the gift, or thank water for falling from the sky and turning the football into a wet greased pig on that fourth and one play.

LeGarrette Blount: The Titans did him a huge favor by releasing him last fall. Has there been a more fun big back to watch run since Christian Okoye? Glad the Titans only see the Bucs once every four years.

I’ll add some post tape comments and steer clear of doing a quasi play-by-play like I do in most weeks. Let’s see what pops out, besides the football.

The Titans scored six points on six turnovers. That’s a sure-fire method to keep your opponent in the ge.

Empty stands. As I mentioned on Twitter, this is the first game my parents have opted out of attending due to weather since they’ve been season ticket holders. Cold and rainy = blah.

The wet weather may have contributed to Chris Johnson’s great day. Maybe he was as hard to get a hold of as the ball.

The sack-strip-recovery from Dave Ball was a thing of beauty.

Give the Titans’ D credit. The two TDs the Bucs scored were from turnovers.

Hasselbeck struggled all game but led the team to the winning score. Interesting choice by the Bucs to play back on fourth and goal from the two.

It does look like Lumpkin got the first down before that sneak attempt by Freeman. The fact that the Titans were in a three-man front two seconds before the snap confirms this. If that’s a first down, the Bucs win, and that would have been devastating.

Most condensed Game Rewinds are about 30 minutes. This one was a little more than 24. That’s what happens when it’s a run-based attack.

Now, even though the Texans lost yet another QB to injury, the Titans would have to make up two games in the standings in the next four weeks to make Week 17 for the division. Atlanta and at Cincinnati are tough for the Texans, but they follow that with the Panthers and Colts. My cat could QB the team to wins over those two. The Titans are too inconsistent to win four in a row. 10-6 would be a best-case scenario. The Bills will be tough unless they completely gave up after yesterday’s heartbreaking loss, and the Saints will run up and down the field with no issues. Finishing with the Colts, Jags and Texans is nice. As much as Houston hates the Titan franchise, the Texans will be in rest mode if they clinch the division, and that might allow the Titans to sneak into the 6 seed.

I’m impressed that they reached the 2010 win total by the 11th game of the season. Let’s finish up with a Chris Johnson flying gif, shall we?

Come fly with me

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