Bleacher Report Post-Mortem: Tennessee Titans’ Second-Day Possibilities

As a new feature, I’m going to write a brief  “director’s commentary” on my latest Bleacher Report article.

This morning’s article: Tennessee Titans: Who Will Team Select in Second and Third Rounds of NFL Draft?

There are two ways to get articles on the Bleacher. Either you take an assignment that the editor hands out late Friday afternoon and occasionally for special NFL events like Peyton Manning’s signing with Denver and the NFL draft. The other way is to write whatever you want. This morning, I took an assignment.

The NFL draft is the last big hurrah for football fans until training camps open. As a writer looking to get reads, you want stories that will appear on your team’s top five list as long as possible. This is the weekend to publish as many articles as possible. I volunteered to write the first-round post-mortem but  that was taken by another writer. Note that if a writer takes an assignment, that doesn’t mean another writer will not write a similar article. Such is the nature of the Report.

Here’s a quick paragraph on Kendall Wright. When I did Mock One draft as the Titans, I took Kendall Wright. I was involved in a few other drafts and I only took Wright once, so I don’t get any credit for it. The possibility of taking a slightly undersized playmaker was intriguing, because it meant the days of ground and pound were over. Chris Johnson’s still going to be a focal point of the offense, don’t get me wrong. I can imagine a four-wide set of Britt, Washington, Wright, and Cook. That’s exciting, and one thing the Titans did well last year was pass block. Wright won’t start in his rookie year and  that’s a good thing. Receivers need time to develop. Britt’s recovering from his ACL tear and Nate Washington played through injuries, so Wright could end up starting a game or two.

I chose the positions the Titans were most likely to draft in the second and third rounds. I covered defensive end, defensive line, cornerback, and interior offensive line. To completely cover my bases, I finished with a list of safeties and outside linebackers.

While it’s not the most exciting writing to list a bunch of draft prospects, it lets me be a little more familiar with the players and the Titans’ needs. They surprised me last night. It could happen again in day two.



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