Bleacher Report Post-Mortem: How the 3 Newest Titans Fit on the Team

I was “assigned” to write the review of the Titans’ day two draft picks. My plan last night was to watch the second round with my friends while playing poker and attempt to write and article when I got home.

I got home at 1 a.m. I’m not a late-night guy. I decided to sleep, hit the gym in the morning and see what the Bleacher had waiting for me when I logged in.

When I checked the Titans page, I saw a lot of articles on Zach Brown and Mike Martin. I couldn’t do a simple second day recap and expect to get any attention on the page.

Most of the articles are fairly straightforward. I wanted to post something a little deeper, and since most articles were focusing on the second day, I decided to cover the whole draft to date.

I thought about what the players could do for the franchise from day one. Sure, Kendall Wright will ideally end up as a starting wideout. Zach Brown will be slated to take Will Witherspoon’s weakside linebacker spot. Mike Martin will shut down the opposition’s run game.

In year one, Kendall Wright isn’t going to start unless Nate Washington or Kenny Britt get hurt. Him coming out of the slot is going to be a mismatch. I’ll keep saying that a four-wide set of Britt, Washington, Wright and Cook is going to be phenomenal. Keep the fullback off  the field.

I posted that Zach Brown and Mike Martin can be scheme diverse players. Brown has the speed to cover the modern receiving tight ends like the duo that the Colts just drafted. Martin can play nose tackle in the 3-4 and defensive tackle in the 4-3. If the Titans decide to play 3-4, Kamerion Wimbley and Brown playing the outside linebackers would make a QB think twice.

Read the article, if you please.

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