Titans Post-Mortem: Chris Johnson Day

Chris Johnson is back.

That’s the game summary. Is there any point in saying anything else? Matt Hasselbeck still can’t complete a deep pass. The defense still can’t make a stop. Water is wet. You know this team.

Chris Johnson hadn’t scored since his last trip to Buffalo on December 4, 2011. He made it serious by scoring on consecutive carries. His 83-yard run looked like a play from 2009 in which he got to the second level and nobody had a shot of catching. Him. I kind of missed that dorky touchdown celebration.

Hasselbeck to Washington on fourth down was a great finish. Get single coverage and let your guy win. Washington won. The Bills had no trouble moving the ball all game but were shut out in the fourth quarter. Ryan Fitzpatrick looked like Peyton Manning most of the game and turned back into Fitzpatrick by throwing an interception with less than three minutes left that gave the Titans the opportunity to rally. He then missed on a fourth-down throw that would have moved the chains.

The Colts are beatable. They’re a lot better than last year’s team, and last year’s team split with the Titans. A win gets the team to 4-4 and that’s much better than anyone could have expected ten days ago.

Quick thoughts:

If the Titans didn’t stick Jamie Harper on the field at the one-yard line twice, Chris Johnson has a four-TD game.

Jake Locker starts next week if the team deems him healthy. You can bet that the threshold for “healthy” goes up the longer that Hasselbeck leads the team to victories.

Colin McCarthy needs to return. I’m not sure if he can make the defense from horrible to passable.

Jason McCourty has two straight games with an interception.

After having a coming out party last week, Kenny Britt had only 30 receiving yards.

Hass really spread it out. Washington had 43 yards, Williams had 38, Cook had 37 and Britt had 30.

Derrick Morgan recovered a Fitzpatrick fumble and is turning into a not terrible player. Kamerion Wimbley forced the fumble.

Hass was sacked just two times. As I jokingly said on Twitter, the Bills should spend heavily on the defensive line during free agency next year.

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