Know Your Enemy: Ken Griggs of Dexter’s Library

Go to Dexter’s Library and thank me later. Ken is the “Twitter voice” of the site and the only non-Atlanta Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert that I’ve met twice. The second time I met him was at the Bears/Titans so-called football game. He is a Chicago guy who roots for the Packers, so he will be this week’s Know Your Enemy.

Was there any point in watching the Titans/Jets game that you thought “those Titans, they might give the Packers a contest”? I had no dogs in that race fantasy-wise so my interest was immediately limited. That’s a sure sign to turn to whiskey and Bovada to make things interesting. So that’s what I did. I made a few cocktails after I bet the under. But I ended up getting tied up in Game of Thrones with my lady friend and missed most of the first half. When I tuned in for the third, I watched ten minutes of that warm puke and couldn’t take it anymore. I actually tweeted an apology for not being able to keep watching it. Plus I was still bitter from losing one of my fantasy games on Sunday by five points. Streaming St. Louis defense, more like steaming St. Louis dog droppings. Amirite? [Zach note: I was on the other end of a Lions streaming experience last week. That was nice.]

Did you wear your cheesehead to work this week? I wonder what it’s like being a Packers fan in Chicago. I’m sure you suffer daily for it. I work as a bartender at a sushi joint in River North. Conversation is often limited to what night club has the finest women and plays the most obnoxious music and who might have the best coke. But anytime I hear someone talking football, I pounce. Then I steer the conversation to pimping Dexter’s Library. I do my best to avoid the favorite team talk because they groan and demand to know how such a thing could happen. My dad grew up in the 60s and so he was a bandwagoner, also owing to his stubbornness and penchant for trying to be different. Quite sure I inherited those traits. Anyway, I kind of revel in it, especially with how much of a emo-goof Jay Cutler has become. [Zach note: Bears fans may have embraced Cutler yet. He’s no Sexy Rexy.]

Is there any reason for Jordy Nelson to rush back this week, other than you might need to play him in fantasy? I think they’ve been purposely patient with him, especially after he came back and then tweaked his ankle. I would be surprised, honestly, to see him for the rest of the regular season. Perhaps week 17 to get the rhythm back. On a fantasy note, however, I owned him in two leagues and in only one of them did I reap the benefits of his three TD performance. He’s on the permanent “No Draft List” alongside Darren McFadden for me. I’m not dealing with these potential guys anymore. Believe it or not, I had potential once. We see how that turned out.

Is it a guarantee that if I pick up James Jones this week for my critically important (to me only) fantasy championship game that he’s going to have a 2/14 line? The only wide receiver I would even touch week-to-week in that offense right now is Randall Cobb. It’s scary to sit a guy who might score three TDs, but this game might be over by halftime. I’d say this week could be a stinker for James. With all that said, however, I am streaming the Packers D in my only championship game. I fully expect Green Bay to lose 49-0 and Locker to throw for 400+.

Is there a reason why the Packers ever run the ball? It’s hard to argue with their approach lately. They’ve won eight of their last nine and rushed for 110+ in five of their last six. It’s seldom pretty, though, so I think that’s where I get frustrated. Every time John Kuhn gets a carry, an angel loses its wings. Seriously, unless it’s third and inches, he should never touch the ball—if then. The very idea they’re doing it should help in the playoffs or so that would be the theory. Seriously, though, Ryan Grant should be on a semi-pro squad at this point. Watching him run reminds me of what Jackie Moon said, “It feels like I got cat piss in my eyes.”

Is the defense any better than 2011’s squad? Are they “Colts in 2006” good enough to get the team three or four wins for a Super Bowl? I think the loss of Nick Perry was a big blow to this defense. I think he would have at least drawn enough attention to take some of the pressure off Clay Matthews. When you’re great upfront it can mask a lot of deficiencies elsewhere. They certainly aren’t great but BJ Raji has played better lately and, fortunately for them, they have a better than average secondary when Woodson is healthy. Do I think they’ll win the Super Bowl? I think I’ll gamble a lot and be drunk, so either way, I win.

How’s the writing going? Are you still in frustrated wannabe novelist mode? I am midway through my second novel. I wanted to keep it to about 60,000 words. The document has about 200,000 on it right now. If I could string 20-25 days of sobriety together I think I’d probably have a rough draft done. It’s difficult to have faith in something that no one but me gives a wet penguin fart about (same as telling people all about my fantasy teams). Certainly the “wannabe” tag still applies. I should have probably given up at this point, gotten a “real” job and concentrated on a 401k. But I’m just stupid enough to keep at it. It’s the same philosophy that will end up convincing me next year, when I’m drunk at draft, that Darren McFadden is a great value pick. Excuse me while I go write 500 words on why I’m a dumbass.

Ken was nice enough to ask me questions. I’ll post those answers tomorrow. That’s a tease, peeps. Follow him on Twitter.

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