Confessions of a Dangerous 39-Year-Old Daily Fantasy Virgin: Part 2

In Part -1, I discussed my initial foray into daily fantasy. I’d like to say that in the space between my first week and the second that I grew as a person and found my true daily fantasy calling, but what I did was join another $2 head to head league at Fan Duel. If you follow my Twitter account, you know how this horror movie ends. My team in week 2:

QB: Aaron Rodgers
RB: Eddie Lacy, Danny Woodhead
WR: Dez Bryant, Josh Gordon, Denarius Moore
TE: Jordan Reed
K: Garrett Hartley
D: Titans

My opponent had Lacy, Reed, and Dez in common. He also had Romo/Rice/Keenan Allen/Terrance Williams/Novak/Colts D.

I went into Monday night with Rodgers and a 12-point deficit. In short, I was already counting my $1.76 in winnings. We know what happened, and I even sent a tweet about Rodgers probably being cursed after the rest of my fantasy teams were smoked like a pork butt. Thanks to Rodgers’ 1.98 fantasy points, I lost by 9.8. The lesson is clear. If you play one game with one lineup, you are more prone to losing on a fluke. I’m going to count this as a win even if my bank account disagrees. Some points from Week 2 in Daily:

I like taking lesser defenses and kickers. You can get a good matchup most of the time.

I kick myself every time I have identical players to my opponent. I’m thinking too mainstream, or we all read the same advice articles.

It almost seems like you get too much money for these daily contests. It would be more challenging with less.

Daily fantasy contests with IDPs or deeper lineups would help us degenerates who know who the backup long-snapper for the Jets is (trick question).

For week three I will attempt to expand my horizons by entering one of those tournaments everybody’s talking about.

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