Zach’s Nashville weekend: Of Beer, BBQ, and Bad Football

Reader note: You can still find my fantasy football content at I figured that if I’m writing about the Titans and personal experiences that don’t have a ton of fantasy industry appeal, I’ll keep it on my site.

My Nashville weekends have changed over the years. I used to drive directly to my parents’ house and never leave save dog-walking and going to the Titans game. Now that I know so many cool people who live in town, I can’t resist an in-person meeting, especially if it involves beer and food. The recommendation for a local BBQ joint this week was Edley’s. I met up with Football Guys’ own Justin Bonnema, who was open to the idea of eating and drinking in great quantity while trying to ignore the Vanderbilt game.


We started with brisket tacos and finished at a beer joint a couple of blocks down the road. I’ll go with the Bluegrass Brewery Company, beautifully called the BBC on the can, for the win. Justin repeated that he’s a big fan of everything Black Abbey does. We did what two people who write about fantasy football do when they meet up: We compared teams and shared war stories. Even as a Cowboys fan, Justin’s all right. If you want to show love to a fellow football writer, buy them a beer. Instant friend for life.


It was not surprising that I spent the majority of Saturday night on the couch (sorry, Sharona). My parents “go big” when I come to town and this weekend was no exception with a 3/4-pound porterhouse for dinner. I had one of the Messiah Nut Brown Ales I bought on the way, and that seemed excessive. I was big-time full.

Note that when in doubt, I always buy wine for my parents for their birthdays, and if I happen to wander to the beer section while I’m doing so, it’s for the greater good. My parents were born 25 days apart in September of 1949, so it’s the big 6-5 for both of them. My dad’s semi-retired and as a hobby he demolishes me in fantasy football more often than not. My mom’s a teacher and probably would never retire if asked.

On Sunday morning, I left early (9:30) to meet Josh Gunnels for some tailgating. I met this Music City Miracles part-time writer, full-time Big Green Egg aficionado last year at a tailgate for the Titans’ home opener, a surprising victory over the Chargers. We ate reheated ribs and I was the only person in the entire tailgating universe to drink a beer with a cork when I opened my Corsendonk Dubbel.

One of my favorite pre-game pastimes is making fun of the opposing team’s fans who wear out-of-date jerseys. The problem with the Cowboys is that they have so many legendary players that it’s kind of impossible to do so. I saw a couple of Terrell Owens ones and completely forgot he was on the team. He had a nice 5-88 line the last time the Cowboys were in Nashville, a 45-14 beat-down in 2006.

Let’s do my Titans’ game-day experience in Tweets, shall we? The Titans finally got Wi-Fi going this year so I could register my disgust in real time. Thanks, guys.


T-Rac, the Titans’ raccoon mascot, often dresses like a cartoon version of the opponents’ mascot.


The Titans make RBBC super confusing. Shonn Greene and Dexter McCluster carried most of the load, for whatever that was.


Jake Locker had “broad side of the barn” accuracy in the first half.


Once starting cornerback Jason McCourty left the game, Dez Bryant toyed with Titans’ CBs like he was a high-schooler going against a pee wee player. On one catch, he literally tossed Coty Sensabaugh aside when making the catch.


I got stuck in hideous traffic on the way home, having to watch happy Cowboys fans walk by, including one with a “Tony Romo for President” t-shirt, which I now want.

I drove home on Monday and purposely avoided any NFL-related podcasts until the very end of my trip. The Titans looked very Titans-esque, and playing flat against a mediocre at best opponent in the home opener gives me little in the way of warm fuzzies. Still, I had good beer and picked up a couple sixers of Blackstone on the way out of town.

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