Going for 2, Super Balls Edition

On the January 21, 2015 edition of the show, we had to overcome obstacles just like the New England Patriots had to find new ways to overcome properly inflated footballs on Sunday. Sharona played computer roulette and we didn’t have to try an episode of the show where she moved her mouth and I talked for both of us. On the show:

Of course we talked about balls. We always talk about balls. I think we are more entertained by the spectacle, since nobody talks about the actual Super Bowl game until next week, than what kind of penalty might come down from on high.

It’s Men in Shorts season. What’s that? Every year, the NFL Network goes into draft mode, and we get to see combine drills for weeks. One key item is the former college athletes standing on a scale in their shorts, and other men (mostly men) writing down the numbers and tweeting them to the universe. It’s a bit creepy. It may be a bit necessary.

I shook the Tampa Bay Bucs tree to see if they are “all in” on Mariota. Turns out Jameis might be the guy. I don’t think the Bucs are feigning interest in Winston to get someone to trade up, unless they really really x 10 think that the Titans want him.

Sharona now has a new title at NFL Female. We call it “head bad ass”. She will be writing about the entire NFL instead of just the Titans. In other words, she’s free of purgatory.

There are additional takes, so listen up, y’all.

Beers consumed tonight: Sweetwater Georgia Brown by Mr. Law. Gerst Amber Ale by Ms. Sharona.

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