Beer Me: Nashville with the Football Experts (beer, not so much)

I realized this weekend that I have a limited palate when it comes to beer consumption. The good news is I’m not alone in that endeavor.

When you’re unemployed, every expense has to be counted. That’s why when my parents asked me to pick up some wine at our local Total Wine on the way to Nashville and “pick up some beer for yourself”, that went over nicely.

I’m in a bit of a brown ale rut, and I may never leave. I bought two beers that I purchased on my last trip, the Messiah Nut Brown Ale from He’Brew and the Old Brown Dog from Smuttynose. Both beers avoid the bitter hoppiness that ruin some brown ales for me. My other purchases included a Shiner Bock 106th anniversary chocolate stout (the bottles were purty), the Breckinridge Vanilla Porter that I’ve had a couple of times, and the Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose.

Shiner Birthday beer

beer round here

One thing I like about the Total Wine setup is you can buy individual beers. That’s how I discovered most of my faves.

The best part of the trip was I bought my parents a mixed case (six red, six white) and they still had to go to the wine store two days later because they needed to REALLY stock up.

I hadn’t been in Nashville since the end of that horrible football season for the Titans. It was a nice weekend but I had to avoid the SEC tournament crowd, I mean the Kentucky invasion, and St. Patty’s Day revelers. Naturally, that was impossible. I ended up near Vanderbilt at a place called the Broadway Brewhouse Midtown. It was across the street from Hattie Bs hot chicken. That place is fantastic and the entire time I was in the area, there was a line around the block to get in.

Sharona, Justin, Zach, beer

Hanging with Sharona, Justin, and myself

The bar was filled with Kentucky fans and St. Patty’s Day green truthers. I’ve heard such good things about the Black Abbey brewery that I decided to start with one of those. They had the Revolutions, which didn’t get a detailed description on the brewery’s Web site so I went in blind. It was bitter like a Sierra Nevada Torpedo. The description mentioned a combination of malt and hops but the malt part must have been out taking a whiz.

I met up with Justin of the Football Guys and his lovely wife Ashley. He went with the Gerst, which is a locally brewed amber ale. I’ve taken a couple of steps back from amber ales after the Ballast Point Calico I tried recently had a bit of a bitter finish. I’m describing attributes of beer that for most people are selling points.

There was no service, so we had to go to the bar to refill. I went back to the stylistic well with a Carsons Brown Cowboa out of Indiana. My Going for 2 co-host Sharona showed up in all UT gear, quite a contrast to most of the rabble, and we moved on.

We stopped next at the Slider Bar a block away. As you can imagine, the focus on the menu was those mini versions of burgers, chicken, and such. Their beer list was 100% can based. I had a couple of Good People Brown ales and a Finch’s Fascist Pig. If you’re going to buy a beer because the can looks great, go with the latter. I was disappointed in my drinking buddies when Justin traded down for a 16-ounce Bud and Sharona had a Miller Lite. Justin’s a Cowboys fan so his questionable beer taste is consistent with character at least. Sharona is more of a wine person, and she finished up with some Patron, way out of my sipper league.

Kentucky won, and St. Patty’s Day is undefeated, so we skedaddled after a while. I found the Vanderbilt bookstore and bought a couple of baseball national title shirts, because when Vandy wins a title in anything, you commemorate.

It’s not a shocker that I was asleep by 9:30.

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