Going for 2: Just Us Football Obsessives Edition

Sharona and I did a Going for 2 football podcast by our lonesome last week. We’ve had some great guests the past few weeks and needed a bit of “us” time.

Every Mike Tanier article is a must-read, but his one about surviving the next six weeks (less than five now) leading up to the draft was great and I used it as a “framing device” for the show.

Sharona continued her drafting ‘genius’ by taking the first kicker in our potentially endless FatKat 30-round IDP mock draft. We’re in the 22nd round and this may last until the real NFL draft.

After the Tommy Smith fallout with the Titans’ ownership, we wondered how long this Bud Adams family tree can run the ship. Got any spare billionaires out there?

Going for 2 beers consumed last week: Breckenridge Vanilla Porter for Zach and New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk for Sharona, which means I can’t make fun of her beer “game” for a month.

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