Fantasy Files: Getting in Scott Fish Bowl 480 Shape

Those drafting muscles, they do atrophy. I took a break from mocks and MFL10s because I hate getting those automatic emails multiple times a week and I’m too lazy to turn them off in the system. That and my enthusiasm was waning.

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The return of the Scott Fish Bowl, this year up to 480 teams, adjusted my attitude. Because simply preparing for a 12-team draft which is one of 40 divisions isn’t enough, Robert Marino has organized some SFB480-specific mocks. I signed up for three of them.

Quick note: The interview series will return, but it will be on Sal and Josh’s Look for interviews starting July 5, and if you’re in the #sfb480 and want to play, email us.

Well, I signed up for two. The third started last Sunday and although I’m #teamcatdad that wasn’t an excuse for me timing out in the first three rounds. See, these mocks have a four-hour timer so it’s much easier to get skipped. This happened a couple of times in the first draft that I completed.

I have pick #2 in my upcoming Jennifer Aniston division. Aniston has been the Philip Rivers of tabloids: a consistent performer. The Kardashians wish they had her staying power.

SFB480 rules before I do the mock:
4-point passing touchdowns; 6 points for the rest
1 point per 25 passing yards and 1 point per 10 receiving/rushing yards
.25 points per carry (big)
.5 points per catch
You start 11 players.
1-2 QBs
2-6 RBs
3-7 WRs
1-5 TEs

There are no team defenses or kickers. You can go a lot of ways with a lineup.

I’m posting the results in which I had pick #6 (full draft results). You could say I waited a tad too long for a QB. This is why you mock, to get a feel for things. QBs go higher and other positions get pushed down a bit. Those receiving RBs that are all the rage are somewhat less valuable. My team:

1.06: Ezekiel Elliott because carries and Darren McFadden’s “cell phone”
2.07: Mike Evans because TD regression and I don’t have to actually look at those jerseys
3.06: Amari Cooper because I timed out and he should be studly
4.07: Jordan Reed because I like ’em injury-prone
5.06: Kelvin Benjamin because I timed out again and targets are pointy
6.07: Jeremy Hill because carries and those 20-60 games are going to be great
7.06: DeSean Jackson because suddenly the Washington offense is one to grab
8.07: Chris Ivory because carries and efficiency
9.06: Tyler Eifert because two injury-prone TEs are better than one
10.07: Isaiah Crowell because sometimes draftniks need time to be right
11.06: Derrick Henry because autopick and good spot for a backup who will be a carry hog if there’s an injury to Murray
12.07: Jared Goff because oh, we need quarterbacks?
13.06: Kenneth Dixon because that Baltimore offense looks interesting and he’s their best all-around back
14.07: Mark Sanchez because I just threw up
15.06: Ted Ginn because he catches them sometimes
16.07: Robert Woods because starting WRs who mostly block are people too
17.06: Ben Watson because he’ll probably be starting for me
18.07: Ty Montgomery because he’s not Jeff Janis
19.06: Cameron Artis Payne because cheap backup
20.07: Larry Donnell because TE with a pulse
21.06: JJ Nelson because is this over yet?
22.07: Eric Rogers because Chip Kelly

That’s my team. I would be spending all of my free-agent bucks on the first backup QB to get the call. Once I punted the position I thought it was more cost-effective to keep taking shots at RBs and WRs since yes, Dion Lewis and James Jones were not drafted in most leagues. Here are my week one starters (will assume for now that Tyler Eifert is active):

QB: Jared Goff
RB1: Ezekiel Elliott
RB2: Jeremy Hill
WR1: Mike Evans
WR2: Amari Cooper
WR3: Kelvin Benjamin
TE1: Jordan Reed
Flex1: Mark Sanchez
Flex2: Chris Ivory
Flex3: Isaiah Crowell
Flex4: Tyler Eifert

The only strategy points I’m trying to remember are RBs who will lead their teams in carries and players who don’t suck.

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