Going for Two: One More Sigmund Over the Line

Let’s talk about elevators. What elevates a fantasy league? Interesting rules and league members you want to defeat like a Game of Thrones nemesis. What elevates a beer? A twist to what you expected, or just perfect creation of a style. What elevates a youtube show? It’s Sig.

Sigmund Bloom ate lightning and crapped thunder last night. What, you mean he’s like that all the time? He didn’t just bring his A game for us on his birthday? Take it either way, an hour with the Sea Monster is always a treat.

We talked about:

Pittsburgh’s recent hockey title
Types of leagues Sigmund likes (the more balanced, the better)
How he had to get in the #sfb480 for fear of missing out. Sigmund had FOMO?
He had to pause his thought to go pick out a beer because that’s what you do on Going for Two
There was a little trepidation on joining an MFL100. I’m with him on that.
I got him rolling on a discussion of Dezmin Lewis and deep fantasy sleepers. When one of those guys pushes through and turns into a fantasy contributor, it’s the best.
The Tennessee Title IX lawsuit settlement led to a discussion on Baylor’s program since that’s down the road from Sigmund’s Austin abode.
The importance of what happened at Missouri regarding football players understanding their own power.

Best line in show history, from Sigmund: “Can I go get a beer?”

Beers consumed during the show:
Sigmund: Easy Peasy IPA from Deep Ellum in Dallas (note Sigmund’s defense of beer with fruit in it)
Sharona: New Belgium 1554 Black IPA
Zach: Victory Kirsch Gose, Unibroue Trois Pistoles

Our previous Sigmund visit:

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