Five Dynasty Players You Have to Cut (Because Their NFL Teams Cut Them)

Today is roster cut-down day for my dynasty team. I had to drop my roster from 60 to 53, and after two of my players (Justin Houston and Jaylon Smith) ended on IR I only had to drop five.

My rule is simple. Take a lot of shots on late-round and UDFA WRs and RBs. Grab younger IDPs who are lined up to start. When preseason’s over and you see a “FA” next to your player’s name, indicating that he was cut, you can cut. If your supposed starter on defense gets benched or is hurt, he’s gone.

There are exceptions. If you believe in a player and he’s signed to a practice squad, he might get back on the active roster (this helps if you have roster space). If you have a highly regarded rookie in a position that requires some seasoning before starting or getting heavy reps like TE or DL, you might hold.

My cuts:

Deon Bush, safety Bears: Was slated to start, now is benched, adios, especially in the super-deep DB position
Dezmin Lewis, WR Bills: Got cut, ended up on the practice squad
Paul Turner, WR Eagles: Cut, on the practice squad
Ben Braunecker, TE Bears: Cut, on practice squad
Brandon Wegher, RB Panthers: Cut, not on practice squad

It was a particularly unfruitful class of rookies for me as I still have two guys, Peyton Barber and Daniel Braverman who were cut and added to the practice squad. Much like with NFL teams, there’s a chance that I make additional moves and these guys don’t make the cut.


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