What’s Zach Reading? Fantasy Football Articles, 9/8 Edition

I admit I don’t have much in the way of tear ducts but it was getting dusty at the end of that Broncos Super Bowl recap. How many times last year did we give up on that team? They were down to the Pats in the 4th quarter at home, in the finale losing to the 4-11 Chargers when Peyton came back, down 1 to the beat-up Steelers who couldn’t finish, and leaving it up to the D to beat the Pats before the DL showed the Panthers what an overrated offensive line looks like. Peyton had enough in the tank to win one more big one.

It’s more Rotoworld goodness with Evan Silva’s Matchups article for the Thursday night game:

My take: I’d be on the fence regarding starting Cam in my dynasty league if my other options were slightly better than Blaine Gabbert and Shaun Hill. #noshit #shitno

Noise and Signal Callers (2 QBs)

Case Keenum = white flag

Examining Efficiency: Week 1 Regression Candidates

I didn’t know you could regress in week one. I guess you can when posting Michael Campanero and Stephen Hill articles every day, eh Douchy? When you think “positive regression” you think anyone who’s not drinking Bud Lite and Davante Adams.

Dominate the Foe

I assume this Panthers’ fan was drunk when performing this “rap” about his favorite team.

Podcast of the day: Sigmund Bloom presents On the Couch with Mike Tagliere (miketaglierenfl)

How have I not heard the smooth sounds of Mike Tagliere before? It’s a fast but deep view of the 16 games this weekend. My only issue with listening to a large number of fantasy folks is their takes inevitably contradict and I end up confused. #noshit #poorconfusedzach

Start or sit from JJ Zachariason aka numberfire:

Rashad Jennings is da god. He’s probably second in shares on my fantasy teams behind old man Frank Gore. #oldguysrule #shitno

High booze beer ain’t cheap

This is not football-related, but with Ohio upping their maximum amount of booze allowed in their beer, you too can spend $189 for a bottle of Sam Adams Utopia. I’ve only paid more than $1 an ounce for a bottle of beer once, Cherry Go Lightly from Wicked Weed which was a quite good cherry wild ale but not something I’m drinking on the regular. It would have been nice had this article actually gone into the details for making this beer instead of saying that ingredients were expensive #noshit.

Rant of the day: what’s up with all these players and snap counts? Didn’t they get a whole offseason to recover? What do you mean, injuries? Nobody gets hurt in the NFL, at least that’s what Roger Goodell whispered in my ear while I tearfully listened to the National Anthem last week. We have quite a few players (Jordy, maybe Jamaal Charles, Thomas Rawls, Kelvin Benjamin) on “pitch counts” and we know that term is only for pansy pitchers who take a week off every time they get shampoo in their eyes.

Do you know who’s not on a snap count? Jared Cook.

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