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My Nashville Sports Bar Adventure

For the first time since 1995, I’m getting paid to write an article. It’s not something that I’ll put on the resume. I haven’t exactly hunted down paying gigs. Through Mike Schottey, my Bleacher Report hookup, I got an offer to post an article for a Nashville-based ezine. I didn’t think it was too critical […]

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Ask Zach: June 14 Edition

What’s new in the life of Zach? I haven’t met one of my interview subjects for beers in ten days. That’s called withdrawal, people. I’m still writing for the Bleach, and that breaking story about Jake Locker’s new highlights can wait. Yeah, Football Guys is doing the interview thing, stomping all over my corner by […]

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Fantasy Files: Green Bananas

Recently, my wife and I changed the way that we eat. We’ve taken a lot of the “bad” foods out of our diet. Other people would call these foods “tasty”. A new staple in my daily eating is the morning smoothie. Since we both have one in the morning, I have the need to buy […]

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View from the Bleacher

My weekly interview has been delayed, so you get to read about me this week. Aw, did I lose half my audience already? If you haven’t noticed, I have a new writing gig. Today I posted my 13th article over at Bleacher Report. That’s right, I sold out to corporate sports america. Deal with it. […]

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Zach on Pride: A Writer Peddles His Wares

Some know the horrible truth, but not my entire reader base, so here goes. I wrote a manuscript. It’s called Pride of the Lions. I will occasionally blog about it as I attempt to reach the Zen state known as “published.” I have “pitch” and “critique” sessions tomorrow at the Atlanta Writer’s Conference. I attended […]

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