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Zach’s Beer Adventure: Variant Brewing

I usually don’t get a requested column. In fact, this would be the first time in history. It makes sense that my good friend Don Funk who also was the only person on record to listen to Going for Two would be the person to make this request. So here goes. Yes, I’m getting the […]

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Zach’s Beer Adventures: Cherry Street Brewing

What are the three rules of going to a brewery? Rule one: figure out transportation. Lyft/Uber work, or have a friend join who isn’t a beer aficionado and won’t be bored stiff while you are there. Rule two: food. Either eat before, after, both, but make sure the belly is not empty when imbibing. Rule […]

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Fired as Commish

Fantasy Files: You’re Fired

I was relieved of my duties as Zealots 34 Commissioner last night. It was the right call. I joined Zealots Field’s 17th league in Kevin Jones’ rookie year. There were some putrid trades on my end in that first year (Keith Bulluck and Anquan Boldin for Kevin Jones, a slew of picks including the 1.05 […]

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Zach on Cooking: Tex Mex Meets Atlanta

In the early days of my relationship with my wife, I would come over to her condo and she would cook for me. After a few such meals, she made it clear that this would not be a permanent feature of our relationship. I had to fundamentally change my views on domesticity now that I […]

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The Big Green Egg Is My True North

I’d like to dispense from the usual topics on this page to discuss one of my true loves. When I graduated high school, I might have been capable of boiling water but not much else. I could use the grill. In the glorious summer of 1989, the last one before I donned the McDonalds colors […]

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Atlanta Beer Guide: The Porter

One of the tougher choices to make in the Atlanta beer scene is beer joint versus brewery. If you go to a restaurant with a great beer list, you know that you’ll get to soak up the booze and your choices are legion. I met my friend Josh at the Porter Beer Bar last night. […]

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