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Going for Two: Shoot the Glass Edition

I often underrate the friendship I have with Sharona. We’d often do the show and that was a wrap. Now we alternate sending each other the latest “can you believe that bullshit” articles through DMs and I’ll text her beer pics during Predators games. On her latest Back Talk with Sharona, she talked about having […]

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Beers of the week: The Problem with Bombers

Last weekend was one of two remaining “wall to wall” football weekends, with playoff games on Saturday and Sunday. We even had a sporting event between two amateur squads on Monday night because America hates productivity. That meant instant excuse for day drinking. Is there anything better than that first 1 p.m. beer, with the […]

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Five Worst Football Games of 2015

The feeling you get when you put the recycling out on the wrong day, then it rains. Standing behind an old woman at the grocery store who decides to pay with a check from 1989. Getting a papercut on your genitalia. Reading Twitter after Peyton Manning is accused of buying HGH. Losing a fantasy championship […]

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The Coach Who Would Be Pastor

Joe Kennedy isn’t an unusual person, especially for an American. He’s an assistant coach for a Seattle high school team. He’s been in this position since 2008, which means that he’s a respected member of the community. Something he does privately has garnered national attention. Should we be given extra scrutiny for what we do […]

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Going for Two: We All Deserve to Be Slapped Edition

Early in this week’s show, I used a Larry Miller quote: “If women knew what men were thinking, they’d never stop slapping us.” I’m pretty sure Sharona didn’t think that was funny. Of course that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to introduce the bevy of “men behaving badly and nobody being shocked about it” […]

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