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What’s Zach Reading? Fantasy Football Articles 9/13

When Eric Kendricks took the Marcus Mariota screen pass like he was the designated recipient to the house and my Teddy Bridgewater sweater-clad friend reacted like a fan of a good NFL franchise should, I wasn’t exactly numb but the years of mediocre on a good day football prepared me well. When the schedulemakers put […]

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Friday Roundup: Fantasy Football, Real Football

I thought I’d put some thoughts together about the current fantasy football landscape as we’re in a bit of a lull with the draft 20 days away. The Mariota-Winston horse race isn’t that intriguing. The Mike Freeman article about NFL teams investigating Jameis Winston more closely than perhaps any draft prospect in history, that’s my […]

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Ask Your Fantasy Football Phenom: Jon Moore of RotoViz, Part 1

"Yes, I just said something sort of nice about Jake Locker." I didn’t interview Jon Moore because he’s the rare fantasy writer to pen an article with pro-Jake Locker propaganda. I can’t call the mad football scientists of RotoViz contrarians, because they go where the numbers lead them. Jon took his extensive college-football knowledge and […]

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